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We provide high-quality, flexible proxy services with the largest residential IP pool on the market. Overcome digital barriers, scale efficiently, and experience no expiry or contracts.

Choose Zetta for unparalleled results.

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Unmatched IP Pool Size at Zetta

Experience the power of the largest residential IP pool on the market with Zetta. Our unique backconnect system ensures extensive coverage, routing through a diverse range of networks for unparalleled reach. Enjoy the benefits of a vast IP pool without limitations. Choose Zetta for your expansive needs.

No Expiry, No Contracts with Zetta

We prioritize your flexibility. At Zetta, your purchased data never expires and we don't lock you into monthly contracts. Buy what you need, use it when you want, and never worry about forced losses due to unused data. Experience the freedom with Zetta today!

Overcome Digital Barriers with Zetta

Zetta provides high-quality data collection infrastructure for virtually every use case. Overcome restrictions such as CAPTCHAs, geo-blocks, and IP bans with our premium proxy infrastructure. Scale your business and save time and effort with Zetta.

Effortless Integration and Flexibility with Zetta

Seamlessly integrate our proxies with third-party software or use our APIs; detailed documentation is guaranteed. We offer flexible plans for any demand.

Market Research

Brand Protection

Travel Fare Aggregation

Ad Verification

Intellectual Property Protection

SEO Monitoring

Price Monitoring

Email Protection

Review Monitoring

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Many uses.

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IP Quantities

Some of our top locations

United States

17,002,479 IPs


5,935,664 IPs

United Kingdom

5,899,973 IPs


5,324,595 IPs


4,256,758 IPs


4,135,285 IPs


2,950,891 IPs


1,898,386 IPs

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Extremely good quality proxies, very fair rates.

Love the no-contract model.
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Momodou Saidykhan

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I was previously with another provider and after speaking to the Zetta team I was assigned a support member who knew both technically and commercially what would work for me while also implementing that solution in less than 24 hours.
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Fantastic value for money.

Great prices, great quality.
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Ethan Doran

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Residential Proxies

As Low As $1/GB

Data Center Proxies

As Low As $0.40/IP

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Any Questions?

How does Zetta’s backconnect system work?
Zetta’s backconnect system routes traffic through multiple networks, each with its own unique IP pool. This approach enhances reliability, as your proxies remain unaffected if one network goes down. It's a robust solution that ensures uninterrupted access and extensive coverage.
How easy is Zetta to integrate?
Zetta offers effortless integration with a user-friendly reseller dashboard and a reseller REST API for seamless sub-user creation and management. We support both IP:Auth and User:Pass proxy formats, giving you flexibility in authentication. Additionally, we provide country and city targeting options to meet your specific needs.
Can I have a free trial?
Yes, we offer a free trial to help you determine if our services fit your specific needs. We're confident in the quality and flexibility of our proxy solutions and want you to experience it firsthand. If you have any questions or need assistance during your trial, feel free to contact our sales team.

Experience Digital Freedom with Zetta

Unlock the power of the largest residential IP pool on the market. Overcome digital barriers, scale efficiently, and enjoy the flexibility of no expiry or contracts. Start your journey with Zetta today and achieve unparalleled results.

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