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Our pricing for datacenter and residential proxies is competitive and straightforward. We offer flexible and affordable plans based on the number of proxies you need and how long you want to use them.

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Plan Comparison

Zetta Core Pool

Ideal for:

Market Research and Content Aggregation

Gathering information and content from a variety of standard websites.

Basic Data Collection

Suitable for scraping data from sites without sophisticated anti-bot measures.

Routine Monitoring Tasks

Keeping track of regular changes or updates on websites, like price monitoring or availability checks.

Use Case Summary

This pool is optimal for businesses and individuals with standard web scraping needs, focusing on general data collection and monitoring activities.

Zetta Edge Pool

Ideal for:

High-Security Website Access

Navigating sites with robust anti-bot measures and enhanced security protocols.

Limited-Release Botting

Useful for botting sneaker and general e-commerce sites.

High-Volume Scraping Projects

Capable of handling large-scale data extraction tasks efficiently, minimizing processing delays.

Use Case Summary

The Edge pool is designed for businesses and individuals requiring advanced web scraping capabilities, especially for accessing high-security websites and performing large-scale, geo-specific scraping.

Payment Methods Accepted


Ideal for those who want to buy proxies with crypto, ensuring privacy and efficiency.


Fast and convenient payments using credit or debit cards.

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Traditional and secure bank transfers.